About Companion Vouchers

Your Guest Must Have Their Own Prom Registration
with at least one Adult and one Student (Guest) registered
All prom purchases are non-refundable

Friends At Prom

Companion Vouchers may only be purchased by an eligible student who has also purchased a ticket. Owning a Companion Voucher allows an eligible student to invite an eligible guest, but they do not need to identify the guest when they make the purchase. The Companion Voucher may be redeemed anytime after ticket sales open on Thursday, January 4, 2024, but it must be redeemed by Tuesday, March 26, 2024 or it will be forfeited.

Your guest, unless they are a member of your immediate family, must have their own family registration on the prom website, separate from the hosting student's family. This is a requirement because every family must agree to the prom policies. If they are not a member of your family, you cannot agree for them, so please do not add a non-family member to your account. Doing so will delay the Companion Voucher Redemption process.

How to Redeem a Companion Voucher

As the Companion Voucher owner, click on the icon to "Redeem Companion Voucher," from your Family Dashboard. Enter the email address of the recipient (your guest) used on their prom account, then select their name, and click "Submit." The Companion Voucher is automatically assigned to the recipient with no further action required.

Both the Companion Voucher owner and the recipient have the option to reset the Companion Voucher assignment. Doing so frees the Companion Voucher owner to redeem the Companion Voucher for someone else.

If you are a homeschool student, have a Companion Voucher redeemed in your name, and you would also like to purchase a Companion Voucher for your own guest, please send an email to our Registration Team.