Dressing for Prom

Review the two dress codes linked here prior to making your final apparel choices.

Gowns Dress Code
Suits and Tuxes Dress Code
We are unable to offer a "fix" for dresses that are too short.

Waiting to Enter Prom

The Texas Christian Homeschool Prom is a formal event, and appropriate attire is required. Each student is expected to arrive at prom in modest, God-honoring and formal attire. At the same time, we hope you'll take this opportunity to express your own personal style and have fun with the choices available to you.

Compiled from conversations with prom attendees, "Planning Ahead" has suggestions to help make your night both enjoyable and safe. Under the heading "Dress Code Enforcement" you will find information about what to expect on prom night.

Planning Ahead
  • If you have piercings, please be aware that these can be a hazard on the dance floor. Wear these jewelry items at your own risk. You may be asked to remove accessories that could be a hazard to others.
  • You may wear clean nice shoes to prom all night long, or you may wear fancy shoes to begin your evening and transfer into another pair of clean nice shoes that are easier for dancing than the formal shoes you wore earlier for photos, etc. Your choice of shoes should cover and protect both the bottom and top of your feet, as foot injuries are the number one dance floor injury at prom. Protect your feet!
  • You may be dancing for approximately 5 hours, plus walking, sitting, and participating in other activities while at prom. This means your attire may shift throughout the evening. If you find yourself out of dress code due to the shift of your clothing, you will find volunteer moms in a designated area to help you fix any wardrobe malfunctions. You can ask any of the adults to direct you to the right place.
  • When shopping, once you find what you want to buy or rent, take a moment to sit down in a chair in front of the mirror, dance around a little to see if the clothing shifts or if the shirt pops open between the buttons, and if it feels too tight before you eat or drink anything, consider something that has a better fit. Not too baggy and not too tight.
  • Need help fixing your attire or selecting the right coordinating pieces of a suit? Email the Red Carpet Team for ideas on how to help your dress or suit comply with the dress code. “When in doubt, let us check it out!”
Dress Code Enforcement
  • Pre-Check-In
    • Before entering prom, every student's attire will be quickly evaluated by our Red Carpet Team.
    • While you are in line, the Red Carpet team has about 3 seconds to identify any potential dress code violation. It is very possible that some people may be asked to step out of line into the Dress Check Parlor (ladies) or Dress Check Alcove (men) and upon a second look, it's determined no fix is needed.
    • Due to time and space constraints, we are unable to "fix" dresses that are too short. If your dress is too short, your only option will be to find another dress that does meet dress code or leave prom.
    • Our supply of fixes for men (ties, shoes, jackets, etc.) is extremely limited. Once gone, we are unable to provide a remedy if you do not meet dress code.
    • If a fix is required, and you want to stay at prom, you have these options:
      1. Change into something that complies with our dress code.
      2. Fix your own ensemble to meet the dress code.
      3. Allow our volunteers to assist you with an appropriate quick fix, using social distancing measures for the safety of all.
  • During Prom
    • Dress Check continues all during prom. If you have a fix that needs re-fixing, please find an adult who can help you with a re-fix.
    • If you attire has shifted or torn during dancing, or if you are uncomfortable, please ask for help from our volunteers.
  • The Fix Must Stay In
    • If your attire required a fix to get into prom, that fix must stay in all night, and you are responsible to make sure it does.
    • If at any point during prom it is determined a fix has been intentionally removed, your parents will be called and you will be asked to leave prom.