Texas Christian Homeschool Prom, Inc.

An Unforgettable Experience

In the Throne Room with Friends

Texas Christian Homeschool Prom is one of the highlights of the year for home schooled high-school students in North Texas and beyond. Each year, parents of all the home school promgoers work together to create a stellar event. Without a typical school budget or staff, the parents become the prom committee. They work throughout prom season to host dance lessons, work on keepsakes, build the incredible sets that make our prom second to none, sew, sort, stack, and serve on prom night. And a few dozen jobs in between.

In 1999, the prom began as a gift to a pair of homeschooled seniors from their moms. It has blossomed into the most popular single event of the year for homeschoolers in the North Texas area. We also have students who come back to Texas to be part of prom after their families have moved away. New friends also join us from many of the southern states and as far away as Alaska, Illinois, California, Germany, France, and South Africa.

Each year’s theme includes some educational aspects (after all – we are home educators!) and we publish information about dance etiquette, formal attire, and interesting facts related to the theme.

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