Non-Homeschool Guests

Welcome to the Texas Christian Homeschool Prom!

Partying with Friends

Family Dashboard

Your Family Dashboard also has each student's Companion Voucher and Group Seating information. Your host is responsible to assign you a Companion Voucher and get you on a Group Seating Roster. You can see both on your Family Dashboard. You must be assigned a Companion Voucher before you can be placed on a Group Seating Roster.

Group Seating in the Ballroom

Every person with a ticket or redeemed Companion Voucher is assigned to a specific table in the prom ballroom. It is important to note, however, that hosts and guests are not automatically seated together. Ask your host to get you assigned to a Group Seating Roster which will assure that you are part of a Group Seating.

Dress Code

Please read the Suits and Tuxes Dress Code and Gowns Dress Code, and follow them closely as you choose your prom attire.

Family Service Credit Policy

EVERY TICKET AND COMPANION VOUCHER now requires family service credit. The Texas Christian Homeschool Prom is only possible because of the amazing talent, cooperation, and support of parents and families of homeschooled and university model schooled students and their companions.

Please refer to the Family Service Credit Policy for details.