About Task Choices (Sign Up and Show Up)

The Task Choices List will be available on TBD

Worknight Project

A Task Choice (Sign Up and Show Up) is a job that you pick from a list of available tasks. You can read the descriptions, pick the job you want to do, sign up for it, then show up at the appropriate time and place to do the job. Once you sign up, you have the job. You don't need to be contacted by anyone from prom for confirmation about any of the tasks on this page. About 80% of the jobs that need to be done are on the Task Choices List.

After you purchase a ticket or redeem a companion voucher, go to your Family Dashboard and select "View Adult Participation." At the bottom of the next page will be a link to the list of Task Choices.

Sign up quickly for the task you want, because once all the positions are filled for a particular prom task, it will close. You may also remove yourself from a task you previously selected.

You may only sign up for as many tasks as the number of students you have coming to prom (1 sign up per student), but if you are willing to do more, please send a note to the Adult Participation Coordinator. We will be able to sign you up for additional tasks if you'd like to do them.

We recommend that even if your preference is an Invitation-Only Assignment, especially one for prom night, that you still make a Task Choice. There are always more people who would like a night of prom position than there are positions available. If you are subsequently contacted by a prom caller and accept an Invitation-Only Assignment, you can remove yourself from other jobs you have selected from your Family Dashboard.