Advisory Committee To Invest in Our Night

2024 TxCHP Action Team and Sponsors

TxCHP Student ACTION Team

The Student ACTION Team is similar to a student council. In our non-profit organization, all of the homeschooling parents make up the prom committee. A representative group of parents and students serve in leadership roles, serving the homeschool community by working on creating a prom experience like no other.

Specifically, the Student ACTION Team provides student insight and assistance to the TxCHP Board of Directors, while learning about event planning and volunteer management, and engaging with other student leaders.

ACTION stands for: Advisory Committee To Invest in Our Night

This leadership and service organization will be comprised of Homeschooled Students who are selected by the Board of Directors and invited to participate on the Student ACTION Team. Students must be in either 10th-12th grades (or the 9th grade family member of an existing executive committee or board member) and have attended at least one TxCHP prom. The team can have up to 20 members. Applications are available each fall for the following spring’s prom.

Student ACTION Team will meet a minimum of 4 times during the school year: once in the fall, once a couple of weeks after ticket sales (usually in January or February), once in prom season during a workday or dance lesson, and once after prom for a wrap-up meeting. Student members are expected to attend all of these meetings. Missing more than one meeting is grounds for removal from the team. Students also attend and help as needed at a minimum of 2 dance lessons during prom season, greeting other students, helping everyone connect, and answering questions. Depending on the prom teams being served by the team, students may be asked to participate in workdays or other activities alongside our adult teams. This may include working on one of the sets, selecting props for the photo booth or souvenir items for the prom marketplace, giving input on music selection, and other prom production activities.

Members of the ACTION Team will be given an inside look at the tasks associated with planning a large-scale event, including timeline, vendor relations, theme and décor planning, music selection and management of volunteers. Team members will also work directly with some members of the Board of Directors during their service. Students who are selected to serve on this committee will also have some perks, including early prom entry, free prom t-shirt, and an onstage introduction to all promgoers prior to dinner being served at prom. One senior student from the ACTION Team traditionally says the prayer before dinner.

If you like to serve and want to learn more about how an event like the Texas Christian Homeschool Prom is brought to life each year, watch your email each fall for information about applying to be part of the team.