Night of Prom Adult Staff Agreement

Adult Staff: Please use the link on your Family Dashboard to sign the NOP Agreement.
Each person serving during prom will need to complete the agreement. Check your account for the phrase "Thank You" at the bottom of each of your Night of Prom tasks to indicate that you have successfully signed the agreement.

Working On Prom night

All Night of Prom Adult Staff must sign this agreement before they will be allowed to serve.

As a Night of Prom Adult Staff member, I promise to comply with the TxCHP Code of Ethics as follows:

  1. Allow your faith in Jesus Christ to guide you in your dealings with everyone
  2. Obey the law
  3. Avoid Conflicts of Interest
  4. Make the safety, comfort, and enjoyment of the prom attendees a top priority
  5. Treat each prom attendee as if this is one of the most special evenings of his/her life
  6. Preserve the dignity of our students and families by maintaining confidentiality when requested, and providing personal information on a need to know basis only
  7. Ensure financial integrity and responsibility
  8. Preserve the spirit, reputation, and excellence of the Texas Christian Homeschool Prom.

In addition, I promise:

  • To arrive on time and to be where I am supposed to be when I am supposed to be there for the duration of the evening
  • To abide by and ensure appropriate implementation of the Code of Conduct and the modesty portions of the Suits and Tuxes Dress Code and Gowns Dress Code.
  • To give equal attention to all students in my area, whether I know them personally or not
  • To maintain a professional and enthusiastic attitude for the entire evening
  • To treat all students with dignity and respect, doing everything within my power to make a positive contribution to their evening
  • All photos taken in my Night of Prom Staff role are only for personal use and not for profit
  • To not attempt to profit financially from my work on prom night in any way

I understand that:

  • With the exception of Candid Photographers, any camera which requires a shoulder strap or lanyard or will not fit into a pocket may only be carried during breaks. Chaperones and Cast Members in particular may not carry large cameras while performing their duties
  • Attendance at the Night of Prom Adult Staff meeting prior to prom is MANDATORY. If I am unable to attend, I may forfeit my night-of-prom position. Any alternative to meeting attendance must be approved by a Director
  • Any violation of this agreement may result in expulsion from prom and/or may impact participation in future prom activities
  • By registering my agreement with this document I give permission for TxCHP to conduct a background check at their discretion
  • To treat all students with dignity and respect, doing everything within my power to make a positive contribution to their evening

Photographers Only

I understand that all photos taken in my role as a prom candid photographer are the property of TxCHP.