First Time Families

Important Things to Know

The Texas Christian Homeschool Prom offers so many opportunities to make your prom experience unforgettable that sometimes it's hard to remember them all! We hope this list helps point you in the right direction. Whether your first (or fourth!) prom, follow these links to a great prom experience.

Things You Must Do
Be Eligible to Attend
Create a Prom Account/Register
Stay Informed
Redeem A Companion Voucher - What You Need to Know
Get on a Group Seating Roster
Wear Appropriate Attire - Suits & Tuxes
Wear Appropriate Attire - Gowns
Things Homeschool Families Must Do
Buy A Ticket - What You Need to Know
Complete the Family Service Credit Requirement
Things You Can Buy
Photo Packages
Hotel Room
Other Things You May Want to Do
Park and/or Stay at the Hotel
Download Free Photos After Prom