About Transfers

Entering Prom

While all prom purchases are non-refundable, Ticket, Companion Voucher, Group Seating, and Photo Package purchases are transferable if prom tickets have sold out or ticket sales have closed. Transfer Requests must be submitted before Tuesday, March 26, 2024.

Use the TxCHP Ticket Forum on Facebook to find people who need a ticket or who have tickets available, then initiate a Transfer Request from your Family Dashboard.

Transfer Tips

  • Access the Transfer Request from your Dashboard, under Family Profile
  • When transferred, Tickets and Companion Vouchers are interchangeable. A Companion Voucher may be converted to a Ticket, and a Ticket may be converted to a Companion Voucher.
  • The recipient must be registered for prom before the transfer can be completed.
  • All Transfer Requests are reviewed by the Registration Team Lead. The requestor and recipient will be notified when transfers are complete.
  • All financial arrangements are strictly between the original purchaser and the recipient.
  • Scalping activities are strictly prohibited, and we reserve the right to cancel tickets without refund if scalping is suspected.
  • There are no transfer fees.

Please contact the Registration Team if you have any questions.