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About Guest Vouchers

Your Guest Must Have Their Own Prom Registration
All prom purchases are non-refundable

Native American and Friends

Guest Vouchers may only be purchased by a homeschool student who has also purchased a ticket. You do not have to specify who will redeem the Guest Voucher at the time it is purchased. The Guest Voucher may be redeemed anytime after ticket sales open on , but it must be redeemed by or it will be forfeited.

Your guest, unless they are a member of your immediate family, must have their own prom registration. If you add them to your account, the redemption process will be delayed.

How to Redeem a Guest Voucher
Voucher Owner Does This

Go to your Family Dashboard and click on the icon to "Send Guest Voucher Redemption Invitation." Enter the email address of the recipient (must be the same email address as on their prom account).

Your guest will receive an email with redemption instructions, and you will receive a copy of that email. You do not have to wait to get the email to continue the redemption process.

Recipient Does This

Go to their own Family Dashboard and click on the icon that asks them to Accept or Decline Invitation to Redeem Guest Voucher. Click Accept or Decline.

That's All!

Assuming the recipient accepted the Guest Voucher Invitation, they now have their ticket to prom. If they decline the invitation, the owner of the Guest Voucher is free to invite someone else.