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Group Seating Hosts

Invite Your Friends to Sit with You
All prom purchases are non-refundable

Sitting with Friends

If you have requested or purchased Group Seating, congratulations! You are the Group Host. You have the privilege and responsibility to invite your friends to sit with you at prom. Group Hosts are automatically seated with the group, so please don’t request or purchase Group Seating if you do not intend to sit with that group! Each student may only request or purchase one Group Seating.

Group Seating may be purchased anytime after ticket sales open on , and all Group Seating Invitations must be confimed by .

Group Seating Options

Choose to request or purchase a Group Seating based on the number of people in your group.

Linked Group Seatings (more than 12 people)

Very large groups may have more than 12 people who would like to sit close together. Hosts can request that their Group Seating be linked to another Group Seating on the Group Seating Guest List page. We will make every attempt to seat your groups at adjacent tables.

How to Send Group Seating Invitations

Go to your Family Dashboard and click on the icon to "Send Group Seating Invitations." Enter the email address of the recipient (must be the same email address as on their prom account) and click Submit. The invitation has been sent. You will get a copy of the email that was sent to your friend, and you will get another email when they accept or decline your invitation.

You and your friend do not have to wait for the emails to arrive. As soon as you send the invitation, it will pop up on your friend's Family Dashboard and they can accept or decline immediately.

Deleting Invitations

As Group Host, you may choose to delete an invitation, even if it has already been confirmed, and invite someone else to fill that seat. Generally, this is due to some “musical chairs” as Linked Groups finalize who is seated at what table.

If a confirmed group member is deleted from the group, the impacted student is notified by email that they may now confirm with a different group.

"Empty" Seats

Group Seating Reservations close . At that time, any unused seats are released back into the prom seating inventory and will be assigned to other students. All confirmed group members will still be seated together.


Group Seating may be transferred to another student at the request of the original purchaser until . You must fill out a transfer request which you may access from Shop Prom. Follow the directions to complete the request. Transfers are not final until the request is complete and approved by a member of the prom team. Group Seating purchases are non-refundable.


If you have questions, please send an email to the Group Seating Coordinator.