TxCHP Safety Protocols and Procedures

Upon conferring with the hotel representatives and considering the updated Texas and Collin County policies, TxCHP wants to share the current status, as of 3/10/2021:


The Embassy Suites, a Hilton Hotels property, will continue to require mask wearing in the lobby area of the hotel side of our event. Students do line up in the hotel side, using social distancing, prior to entering the Frisco Convention Center for the prom event. A quick temperature check upon entering the building will help to ensure that those running a high temp will not be mingling with others.


The Texas Christian Homeschool Prom will consist of student check-in, assigned tables for dinner using our group seating reservations, an orchestra performing until dinner ends, multiple photo opportunities and activities in the pre-function area around the outside of the ballroom, 6 dance floors / 2 stages / multiple large projection screens and LED screens.


The Frisco ballroom is over 40,000 square feet and we will have far less students than the 50% capacity of this space, with freedom to roam outside the ballroom into the pre-function area, adding over 22,000 square feet more to the event space. Our focus for the event is to have multiple places and ways for students to make wise social distancing choices.

Masks will be encouraged, especially when in spaces where social distancing might be more difficult.

Throughout the event, our Sanitation Team will work on high-touch areas to keep them as clean as possible, while single-use gloves, masks, and hand sanitizers will be readily available.


We are going back to our typical group seating layout of 12 seats maximum per table. Therefore, a small group of 6 will be seated at a table with another group of up to 6 additional students. This allows the ballroom to have more space for social distancing during the majority of the event. Group seating: Email the Prom Group Coordinator if you have special accommodations needed for health and safety.


Please know that as homeschooling families ourselves, we take having a healthy and safe event very seriously. We also want these incredible students to know that they can still have social events that are fun and memory-building while using wisdom about precautions and making good choices.


Your involvement, as families who homeschool or university-model school, helps to ensure that this event can continue to bless the families in the north Texas area and beyond. Thank you for being a wonderful part of the TxCHP community!