Parent Participation Policy

Parent Participation options open after you have purchased a ticket

Ballroom Before Parents Make It Happen

Ballroom After Parents Make It Happen

It Can't Be Done Without You!

The Texas Christian Homeschool Prom is only possible because of the amazing talent, cooperation, and support of parents of homeschooled and university model schooled students.

Families Working Together

Registered families of eligible students are required to do one task (~ 4 hours) for each student attending prom, so plan to sign up if:

  • You are a homeschooling or university model schooling family and
  • You have a high-school age student attending prom, regardless of whether the student is purchasing a Prom Ticket or redeeming a Guest Voucher

There are several options for Tasks, and different ways you may have a Task assigned.

By the end of March, everyone should have a prom job assigned. You may have accepted an Invitation-Only task, chosen a task from the Task Choices page, or made a Financial Contribution in lieu of serving in a Parent Participation task. For any family who still needs a task to meet their Parent Participation requirement, a team of callers will help get them plugged in to an available job.

Extenuating Circumstances

If your family situation compromises your ability to contribute in any way, please check the box on your registration indicating you have extenuating circumstances, and explain your situation in the notes. A prom representative will contact you to determine how we can work with you to satisfy your Parent Participation requirement.

Families of Guests and Alumni

As part of the community hosting this event, all eligible homeschooling and university-model school students and their families have a Parent Participation requirement, regardless of how the ticket/voucher was obtained. Students who graduated in the previous year or two (“Alumni”) or are truly guests, in the sense that they do not homeschool or attend a university-model school, are exempt from the Parent Participation requirement. For clarification please email our Parent Participation Coordinator.