Set Lead Agreement

Set Leads use the link on your Family Dashboard to sign

Workday Construction

Thank you for agreeing to be a Set Lead for Prom! This is an amazing experience year after year, and it is the efforts of parents like you who make it so memorable. Decor sets the mood, and is a critical part of the prom experience. As such, it is very important you understand what the expectations are for the sets and for you as a Set Lead. If you are selected for a Set Lead position, you will have a link on your Family Dashboard which will allow you to sign this agreement electronically.

As Set Lead, you are responsible to:

  • Work with Directors to plan initial design, develop the budget, and assemble a supply list
  • Working within the given budget, purchase supplies. Any purchases above budget will be your responsibility.
  • Communicate with supervising Director any needs of personnel or difficult to find supplies so we can meet those needs in a timely manner.
  • Return phone calls or emails from Director within 48 hours.
  • Transport all supplies, props, and set pieces to work days (if working on those days), and day of prom.
  • Stay on site during work day until all projects for your set are complete. Do not "drop off" projects.
  • Arrive day of prom at 8:00 AM (or time set by Directors contingent upon arrival of other vendors) to supervise assembly of Set.
  • Stay day of prom until set is complete.
  • Return after prom to supervise break down of set and repacking of all parts. If you can not do this, you may appoint someone else familiar with the set to do this.
  • Attend the Night of Prom Adult Staff Meeting. Although you will not be required to be onsite on prom night, this meeting has valuable information and a breakout session specifically for set leads.

Prom will provide the following:

  • Funds, as agreed in the budget, to produce the set.
  • Occasionally, we are able to provide rented items to assist you. We will communicate that to you during the planning stage.
  • Provide work days where you and your team can work on set pieces.
  • Extra set members, if you desire, to assist before prom to create the set.
  • Extra help day of prom to assemble the set.
  • Extra help night of prom to disassemble the set.
  • We will return your emails, text or phone calls within 48 hours.
  • Support and guidance through the entire process. You are NOT alone in this endeavor! We commit to help you in anyway we can.

You may choose your team from parents you know, or we can send people your way. It is up to you. If you choose to staff your own team, please let us know who is working with you so we may credit them their Parent Participation hours. We do have at least two work days which could provide you with larger spaces and people to help you with any task. Please communicate with us if you would like to complete some of your set during those work days.

Please indicate your promise to fulfill your Set Lead responsibilities by clicking on "I agree" below. If, after reading this, you decide you cannot make this commitment, please notify us immediately so we may find a replacement.