Financial Contribution

$75 Until , then $100

Are You Ready for Prom?

Financial Contribution

Every year, there are a few families who ask if they can contribute financially to prom because their schedules don't permit them to work. Since Parent Participation, in addition to the ticket price, is a required part of prom admission, we try to accommodate as many solutions as we can.

Working on prom projects together helps to develop a sense of community, and many parents are amazed when they see all that goes into making prom happen. We understand it is not always possible for parents to physically participate, so the Contribution Option will still satisfy the Parent Participation requirement.

The Financial Contribution Option is found on the Shop Prom page. Once your transaction is complete, you will be automatically signed up for the Contribution Chore Choice. Each contribution satisfies the Parent Participation requirement for one student. Until , the contribution is $75 per student. After , it goes up to $100 per student.

Contributions help pay for:

  • Parent Meeting / Executive Team Meetings
  • Training Meetings
  • Pre-Prom Unloading at Hotel
  • Prom Day Setup
  • Prom Night Staff
  • Post-Prom TearDown
  • Post-Prom Truck Unloading at Storage
  • Signage and Brochures
  • Moving Truck Rental