Non-Homeschool Guests

Welcome to the Texas Christian Homeschool Prom!

Dinner with Friends

2019TxCHP Jubilee App

Download the App to your Smartphone (Event Code 2019TxCHP) to see your redeemed Guest Voucher, your seating assignment, and any purchases you made.

Family Dashboard

Your Family Dashboard also has your student's Guest Voucher and Group Seating information. Your host is responsible to send you an invitation to redeem a Guest Voucher and to accept a Group Seating Invitation. You can see and respond to both from your Family Dashboard. You must redeem a Guest Voucher before you can receive an invitation to a Group Seating.

Group Seating in the Ballroom

Every person with a ticket or redeemed Guest Voucher is assigned to a specific table in the prom ballroom. It is important to note, however, that hosts and guests are not automatically seated together. Ask your host when to expect a Group Seating invitation, which, once you accept, will assure that you are part of a Group Seating.

Dress Code

Please read the Suits and Tuxes Dress Code and Gowns Dress Code, and follow them closely as you choose your prom attire.

Parent Participation

Non-homeschooled guests and homeschool families with only alumni attending do not have a Parent Participation requirement.