About Transfers

Entering Prom

While all prom purchases are non-refundable, Ticket, Guest Voucher, Group Seating, and Photo Package purchases are transferable if prom tickets have sold out or ticket sales have closed. Transfer Requests must be submitted before .

Use the TxCHP Ticket Forum on Facebook to find people who need a ticket or who have tickets available, then initiate a Transfer Request from your Family Dashboard.

Transfer Tips

  • Access the Transfer Request from your Dashboard, under Family Profile
  • When transferred, Tickets and Guest Vouchers are interchangeable. A Guest Voucher may be converted to a Ticket, and a Ticket may be converted to a Guest Voucher.
  • The recipient must be registered for prom before the transfer can be completed.
  • All Transfer Requests are reviewed by the Registration Team Lead. The requestor and recipient will be notified when transfers are complete.
  • All financial arrangements are strictly between the original purchaser and the recipient.
  • Scalping activities are strictly prohibited, and we reserve the right to cancel tickets without refund if scalping is suspected.
  • There are no transfer fees.

Please contact the Registration Team if you have any questions.