2023 TxCHP App

2023 Companion app for TxCHP students attending prom will be available in February.
You will find it in the App Store and in Google Play at that time.
  • Only family members already registered on this website will be able to sign into the app.
  • Students, sign in with YOUR prom account email (not your sister's or your brother's or your mom's or your friend's....you get the idea) or your ticket will not appear!
The TxCHP App Provides
  • Your Ticket or Redeemed Companion Voucher (appears on your app profile)
  • An Interactive Map of Prom
  • Your Ballroom Table Assignment
  • Special Meal Details
  • Prom Night Alerts
  • And more...
I Don't Have a Smartphone

No problem. Please indicate on your registration that you will not be bringing a phone with you to prom. We'll have paper maps, schedules, and anything else you need to fully participate!