The TxCHP Website is under construction for the 2023 prom.  Thank you for your patience.  Registration should open by December 1, 2022.

Parent Participation FAQ

Contact the Parent Participation Coordinator with other questions.

All parents of homeschoolers attending prom are on the "prom committee." Each family contributes four hours of time for each student attending prom.

This is a spectacular event, and we require a contribution of time from the parents because we simply could not pull it off without your help.

When you register, you must agree to the prom policies. That includes the waiver, which states that you understand each homeschool family must contribute four hours of time (or make a financial contribution) as part of the price of admission to prom. The other part, of course, is the ticket price. The policy is also stated directly on the registration form, so families are able to consider the requirement, and agree to it, twice during the registration process.

If your student's guest is an alumni or not a homeschooler, there is no Parent Participation requirement.

If your student's guest is a homeschooler, then they will need to satisfy the Parent Participation requirement, and yes, you can do it for them. The best way is to have them sign into their own account and select the task you want to do for them. In the notes section, they should indicate your name as the person who will be showing up to work. Emails go to the family being represented for a task, so it helps us to know if there is a special situation - include that information in the notes for the job assignment.

Your best chance is to purchase your ticket on opening day, state that you want to be a Cast Member (Drama) on your Job Interests, and then volunteer to lead or help with the design and construction of a set. Generally, if set leads who spend hundreds of hours creating a set for students to enjoy at prom want to be Cast Members, they get to be Cast Members. Tell us all you can about what you'd like to do in your registration notes.

If you can't help with a set, that doesn't mean you can't be a Cast Member. After the first day of ticket sales, we will send an email to each parent who indicated they were interested in being a Cast Member. We'll ask for a picture and more information about your drama experience. From those responses, we pick the people whose appearance and background are most likely to fit in well with our theme or with a particular set.

Usually the answer is "No." Every so often we look for young adults or children to fill specific roles needed for the theme, and in those circumstances we may look for a child or young adults with particular skills.

Generally, the children you see as Cast Members on prom night are the children or grandchildren of Directors or Executive Team members. These children have watched their parents spend hundreds, or even thousands, of hours on prom over the year. They have waited patiently for attention, loaded and unloaded dozens of crates and boxes, eaten more fast food than is appropriate, and then spend their summers in homeschool because their parents are working fulltime on prom from February through April. For these children, serving on prom night allows them to be a part of their family's service to the community and is the culmination of a long season of work for their entire family.