Timeless Tributes

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2021 Timeless Tribute

Prom is a special time of celebration, and each year, we offer a unique opportunity for relatives and friends to celebrate the students in their lives. Timeless Tributes are creatively packaged personal messages composed by parents, grandparents, friends, and "special someones" to prom students.

Timeless Tributes provide a loving keepsake message for your prom students from friends, parents, grandparents and other loved ones encouraging them with uplifting words of wisdom and love. These special deliveries during prom remind them that God has his hand on their lives, and that they are loved unconditionally. Honor their successes, strengthen them with your love, and send this year's Timeless Tribute to your special student.

The messages are printed, packaged, and then delivered to the students during prom. They may be purchased at Shop Prom from the time ticket sales open until .

Timeless Tributes may be ordered by anyone; you do not need to be registered for prom to order. Friends and relatives without prom accounts may purchase Timeless Tributes for students attending prom from the Gift and Bless page.

Tips for Ordering
  • Prepare your message in MSWord or some other word processing package first, then copy and paste into the order form. The order form may timeout before you are done if you type directly into it.
  • Spell-check and count the number of characters before you order. There is a maximum of 500 characters, including spaces. (MSWord can count them automatically for you)
  • We generally do not modify your text in any way, but if a grammatical error changes the obvious intended meaning of the message, we will correct it.
Timeless Tributes Left at Prom

Unfortunately, we are unable to replace Timeless Tributes which are left on the table at prom, as we are rarely able to retrieve them. Please remind the recipient to bring it home with them.

Timeless Tribute purchases are non-refundable.