What to do with those tokens you get at Check-In

What are these for?


When you check-in at prom, you’ll be given two TxCHP Tokens to use in in the Tashbaan Marketplace, Lamp Post Tavern, Aslan's Garden, Ballroom Concessions, and more to enjoy some prom extras. Souvenirs, snacks and soft drinks are available all evening long. Each item costs 1 TxCHP Token or a one-dollar bill.

Tashbaan Marketplace

Conveniently located just outside the main entrance of the ballroom, the Tashbaan Marketplace offers a wide range of interesting and exotic Narnian items. Choose from jewelry, posters, postcards, and snacks displayed "in the round" for your shopping convenience. Each gift shop item is just one token, or when you run out of tokens, just $1.

Lamp Post Tavern / Aslan's Garden / Ballroom Concessions

The LampPost Tavern is located in the north end of the wintry hallway. Aslan's Garden can be found near Cair Paravel. You can also find glass-bottled soft drinks at the Ballroom Concession Window. Rest your weary feet for a few moments and enjoy your favorite beverage for just one token or $1.