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Chore Choice Descriptions

Know what you are signing up for

* Artist
Artists do fine art for special projects for the Set and Decor teams. Work could be completed at a variety of times or places, depending on the specific need. Artists report to the Design Director. If you have fine art experience, please explain in the notes section.

* Construction
We're looking for people who measure twice and cut once (usually with a power tool). Any tools you can supply are needed and appreciated. We have several options for those who wish to help with Construction. Construction team members may become part of a Set Team before prom, do Small Projects prior to prom, serve at a workday, or serve on the day of prom. If you serve on a Set Team before prom, you would be working directly with a Set Lead whenever the team can get together. These team members and their lead will be creating sets from the plans and designs of a Set Designer. Directions will be given, but sometimes creativity is in order as well. Our goal is to create Set Teams within a reasonable geographic area so the team members can easily get together. Smaller projects may also be needed, in which case the Construction team member would be working individually. Chores on workdays and day of prom are available using the Chore Choice option; they are not Invitation Only Assignments. Set Team Members and Small Projects are assigned by Invitation Only. Construction team members report to the Design Director.

* Dance Instructor
Although we have professional swing dance instructors for prom dance lessons, occasionally we may need a substitute. If you have experience with group dances and couples dances, let us know that.

* Decorating
Decorating skills are needed for setting the ambiance of a set, "fluffing" the look of things before students enter prom, and helping with setting the tables in the ballroom. If you have design or decorating experience, let us know that in your notes too.

* Dietician / Special Meals Coordinator
Special Meals Coordinator reports to the Ballroom Director and oversees the Ballroom Attendant/Special Meals Team. You will coordinate all special meal requests between students and the hotel staff. In advance - Prepares a list of all students with special meal needs and communicates with the hotel to determine what meals students will receive. You may also communicate with parents of special meal recipients for clarification of needs. Night of Prom - coordinate with the wait staff to deliver proper special meals for each of the three courses during prom. You will have a team assisting you in the ballroom to ensure students are receiving the correct special meal. There may also be Bilingual Assistants on your team to communicate with the wait staff to be sure there are no glitches in the process during prom.

* Errands
This team is made up of individuals who agree to run errands for Directors. This group reports to either the Design Director or Resource Director and one of them signs off on how much time was spent accomplishing the errands they needed to have done. Dates may vary on when the errand work is done. Most members of this team will complete their work prior to prom day.

* Floral Team
You will be helping with floral preparation jobs for prom. These may take place at home, a workday, or during prom setup on prom day.

* MS Office Work from Home
Minimum requirements for any of these tasks include internet access, email access, active virus protection software, and the 2010 version of MS products. Priority for these positions will be given to people driving more than 100 miles to prom. Excel: Generally, we only need one or two people with this skillset. Assignments involve preparing reports from information we give you – adding columns, arranging data, adding report titles, inserting mathematical functions, etc. Moderate to advanced knowledge and experience with Excel is required. Publisher and Word: Using information and set up requirements provided by prom, format one-of-a-kind publications which are sent back to prom for printing. Each publication will have unique content, and use of mail merge may be required. The ability to properly set up custom page sizes is required, and you may need to download fonts or images from the internet. PowerPoint: Design and create an electronic bulletin board for use during prom. MS Office from Home workers report to a Director.

* Organizing
Organizers are needed in a variety of capacities, including organizing things, such as: Storage, Props on Prom Day, Boxes of decor, and organizing processes and/or systems like Teardown, Setup, Packing the moving truck, & Workdays. Organizers report to the Design Director or the Resource Director. They may also work closely with, and under the direction of the Organizer/Storage Lead.

* Painting
Painters help at workdays or with one of the set teams at a private home to paint large areas, like walls, backgrounds of murals, and furniture or other objects. This is not a "fine art" skill (see Artist for that one).

* People Skills
Our leadership team is always looking for parents with excellent people skills to help with a variety of interactive tasks, such as phone calling, speaking with business owners about donations, sharing with new parents, etc.

* Phone Calling
Callers make phone calls on behalf of TxCHP for one of the Directors. Calls for the Parent Participation Lead help unassigned families find a task to do or give information to parents regarding tasks they have signed up to do. Calls for the Group Seating Lead help group hosts complete their group's invitations. Members of this team either report to the Parent Participation Coordinator and the Director over that area or to the Group Seating Coordinator and the Director over that area. Dates for this task vary according to when we need phone calls made. FYI - Date listed for this job is prom day - but it is very unlikely that would be your assigned date for making calls.

* Pickup/Delivery with my truck/trailer
From the time set construction begins, there always seems to be a need to transport set materials from one place to another for updating. As prom draws closer, props need to be transported from one place to another, and on the day of prom, some items may need to be transported to the hotel. Borrowed items must be returned after prom as well. If you have a truck and/or trailer that can transport large objects, we can use your help getting these items from one place to another. Pickup and delivery team members report to the Design Director or the Resource Director.

* Post-Prom - Teardown Team
This team begins tearing down the prom decorations and re-storing all of the TxCHP reusable items for storage immediately following prom. If you have the following tools, please bring them clearly marked with your name and phone number: cordless power drill, flat head screwdrivers, pliers, small pry bars, tool belt/pouch. Your team lead will be contacting you a couple of weeks prior to prom. If you are interested in being one of the captains on this job, please put that in your notes or email promparents@txchp.com to indicate your interest. Check-in for your shift is at the Reception / Parent Participation table near the Convention Center entrance inside the hotel. All Teardown Team members are considered to be VIPs - we have drawings throughout the teardown time for prizes, including Starbucks cards and other gift cards, prom tickets for the next year's prom, group reservations for the next year's prom, etc. In addition to being eligible for prizes, one great perk is that all Teardown Team members who serve in the 12:45am-7am shift are invited to purchase tickets for the following year's prom in advance of the general public. We are EXTREMELY grateful for our Teardown Team members!

* Production Lighting
Production Lighting experience is needed for setting the mood or preparing uplights for displays, various sets, stages, and the ballroom. This task may also include programming lights or other technical details.

* Prom Night - Sentinels
Sentinel team members are selected by and report directly to the Sentinel Lead. The Sentinel Team serves throughout the evening keeping the perimeter secure, assisting students with various needs, escorting students who must leave the secure area for any reason, and providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all in attendance. Night of Prom workers must attend the Mandatory Night of Prom Training Meeting approximately 3 weeks prior to prom.

* Prom Night: Ballroom Attendant / Special Meals Team
The Ballroom Attendant/Special Meals Team reports to the Special Meals Coordinator and the Ballroom Director. Team members assist students with finding their tables, and then later work to ensure that students with special dietary needs receive their correct meals. Other jobs throughout the evening may include checking water dispensers, answering general questions from the students, and helping students with a problem get directed to the right area. This team must agree to and sign the "Night of Prom Adult Staff Agreement", and attend the Night of Prom training meeting a few weeks in advance of prom. You must be able to read reasonably well in a darkened environment, including a list of student names and table numbers, as well as a map of the ballroom. You should familiarize yourself with the ballroom and pre-function maps to help students find where things are. You must be able to stand for long periods of time, and should arrive in proper attire for the job you have been assigned. You will need to work for the benefit of all students, and understand attendants may not even see their own children.

* Prom Night: Candid Photographer
Candid photographers take photos throughout the evening in the Check-in, Ballroom, and Prefunction areas. Photographers are required to have a certain type of camera and will have a conversation with the candid photography team lead before being assigned this position. All photos are uploaded to the prom SmugMug account throughout the event and are the property of TxCHP. Your attire for the evening is to consist of black dress slacks or skirt and a nice white dress shirt with comfortable shoes as you will be on your feet most of the evening. All attire must meet the same dress code requirements as we have for the students. You can find those details on our website.

* Prom Night: Candid Photography Assistant
Candid photography assistants work to assist the photographers throughout the prom area as well as serving the students by taking photos for students with the students' own cameras or smartphones. Service on this team will not be confirmed until you have had a phone interview with the team lead. All Night of Prom jobs also have a mandatory Night of Prom Training Meeting. Please do not accept this job if you cannot attend the training meeting.

* Prom Night: Cast Members
Cast Members are assigned a role in the Pre-Function Area, which will include dressing in costume, serving students as they visit the set where you are assigned, taking photos for the students with their own cameras, posing for pictures with the students and possibly assisting with games or activities at your set. Unlike the chaperones (who serve in the Ballroom primarily), you will serve in the Pre-Function Area. You will have a dinner break, with a light meal provided for you. There is no fee to serve in this role, however there is the cost of making or renting an appropriate costume for your role. Taking a Night of Prom position requires attendance at the mandatory Night of Prom training meeting approximately 3 weeks before prom.

* Prom Night: Chaperone
Chaperones serve in several areas throughout the prom evening, including, but not limited to dance floor, seating area, and prefunction. Chaperones are required to purchase a dinner ticket and pay for the rental or making of an appropriate costume for the evening's theme. All Night of Prom workers must attend the mandatory Night of Prom Training meeting approximately 3 weeks prior to prom.

* Prom Night: First Aid Team
First Aid Team members are medically trained parents who serve students or staff needing medical assistance throughout the night of prom. Supplies are provided by TxCHP. Team members report to the Sentinel Team Lead.

* Prom Night: Photographer (Professional Sets)
Provide professional photography on night of prom. All photos are the property of TxCHP and may not be resold or used for other purposes without express written consent. All parents working onsite during prom must attend the mandatory Night of Prom Training meeting. Your attire for the evening is to consist of black dress slacks or skirt and a nice white dress shirt with comfortable shoes as you will be on your feet most of the evening. All attire must meet the same dress code requiements as we hold the students to. You can find those details on our website.

* Prom Night: Photography Review Team
Photography Reviewers serve on the Photography Tech Team. Team members work onsite reviewing photos that the Photography Tech Team are uploading throughout prom night. Photography experience is not necessary, but you should be comfortable using the internet. All parents working onsite during prom must attend the mandatory Night of Prom Training meeting. Your service on this team is not confirmed until you have completed a phone interview with the supervising team lead. Your supervising lead will give you the details after the interview phone call.

* Prom Night: Photography Tech Team
Photography Tech Team assists the Candid Photography Team all night by reviewing, organizing and completing the upload of images from the individual photographers' camera cards. All parents working onsite during prom must attend the mandatory Night of Prom Training meeting. Your attire for the evening is to consist of black dress slacks or skirt and a nice white dress shirt with comfortable shoes as you will be on your feet most of the evening. All attire must meet the same dress code requiements as we hold the students to. You can find those details on our website.

* Prom Night: Reception Team
This position serves at the reception tables where guests and adult workers check-in before prom, and where teardown workers check-in after prom, as well as various other tasks that help the night run smoothly. A light meal will be provided for these team members during the evening. All Night of Prom jobs require attendance at the mandatory Night of Prom Training Meeting 3 weeks prior to prom. Please do not accept this job if you cannot attend the training meeting. Your attire for the evening is to consist of black dress slacks or skirt and a nice white dress shirt with comfortable shoes as you will be on your feet most of the evening. All attire must meet the same dress code modesty requirements as we expect from the students. You can find those details on our website.

* Research from Home
Work as required from home, using the telephone, the internet and other resources to find information needed by one of the Directors and/or the Executive Team.

* Set Design
A Set Designer should have previous experience with the creation, design, and construction of a set. The Set Designer will be able to take a vague notion of a theme and envision how to bring that theme to life for prom. Then, they should be able to design the set and create a complete set of "instructions," including drawings, bill of materials, suggestions for where to locate materials, etc. These detailed instructions would then be passed to a Set Lead who will work with construction team members to bring the vision to life. The Set Designer and Set Lead may be the same person, in which case the title Set Lead is applied. Set Designers report to the Design Director.

* Set Lead
Set Leads bring the vision for a set to life, using the Set Design and a crew of friends or assigned workers to construct, paint, decorate, or otherwise accomplish the intended design. Set Leads are required to be onsite by 8:00AM on Prom Day and remain until their set is completed. Set Leads also return immediately following prom and oversee the take down of their assigned set, including proper storage of items in marked bins. Advance work will be required. Set Leads should also keep track of any parents who serve on their team and length of time served. Set Leads report to Bliss Herron.

* Set Team Members
Set Team members are specifically assigned to help with the creation / production of an assigned set. They report to their Set Lead, who reports to the Design Director. Often, Set Leads will coordinate their own Set Teams. These leads will report who worked on their teams so that proper credit can be given to each family that served with them. Work may be done on a variety of days during prom season coordinated with the Set Lead.

* Sewing
There are opportunities for seamstresses to serve before prom as well as night of prom. Seamstresses working from home or at a work day must provide their own sewing machine. Before prom, they hem sashes and tablecovers, make costumes, and create decorative items. Prom provides the fabric, directions, and supplies; you just need to be able to sew. Please let us know in the notes if you are comfortable sewing costumes or would rather stick to straight lines. Both kinds of sewing jobs need to be done each year. Night of Prom Seamstresses work directly with the students, and make it possible for them to enjoy the prom after almost any wardrobe malfunction or correction. They serve in the seamstress area throughout the evening. Prom supplies the seamstress area with a hamper full of fabric and lace in several neutral colors, plus a kit containing thread, scissors, pins, and needles is available for each seamstress. In addition, there are shared supplies such as closures, buttons, and several other items that may be needed during the evening.

* Speak Fluent Spanish
This position assists the special meals coordinator in interacting with the waitstaff about special meals and other special concerns during the event.

* Workday Task - Just Tell Me What To Do
Members of this team show up for their assigned workday with the phrase "Just Tell Me What To Do" already on the tip of their tongues. Team members will be helping with whatever preparation jobs need to be done for prom that day. These may include assembling invitations, assembling keepsakes, sorting and organizing various items, etc. Much of this work may be done in a seated position.