Frequent Questions

I bought a ticket and/or guest voucher and now I can't go to prom. Do I just lose my money?

All prom purchases are non-refundable, but they are transferable within these guidelines:

  • The prom must be sold out
  • You may transfer your ticket, guest voucher, photo package, and parking pass purchases to another person as long as they meet the eligibility criteria until February 10
  • You may transfer your hotel room until February 10
  • You initiate the transfer by completing the transfer request under the Store menu option
  • All financial arrangements are between you and the purchaser
  • No scalping activities will be tolerated

Please read Transfers for more information.

How can I find someone who wants my ticket and other purchases?

If prom sells out, there is a forum on Facebook for anyone who wants to post a ticket for sale or a ticket wanted note.

When can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

After prom sells out or ticket sales are closed until February 10.

 Please read Transfers for more information.

Does the person who buys my ticket have to do the chore I signed up for?

No. Please remove yourself from that chore, and the purchaser of your ticket may make their own choice. If they want to just take your place, please let the Parent Participation Coordinator know.

Please read Transfers for more information.