Frequent Questions

Why do you want to send me a text message?

Sometimes it is difficult to reach people who only occasionally look at email or Facebook, so we added texting to our communication options. Text messages may concern:

  • Ticket sales and availability
  • Dance lesson reminders
  • Reminder to confirm group seating
  • Reminder to redeem a guest voucher
  • Parent Participation reminder
  • Request to contact Prom

Most text messages will be sent only to specific recipients, although there may be some general messages.

Standard text rates will apply.

What happens to my registration next year?

If you tell us you'd like us to keep your registration for next year, we will:

  • Delete your Family Talent Inventory and Job Interests from this year - you'll have to fill it out again next year.
  • Add a grade level to each student record
  • Move older students to alumni status

Sometimes, we make other changes and we'll do our best to keep you informed.