Frequent Questions

What's the Difference Between a Chore Choice, Invitation-Only Assignment, and the Job Interest Survey?

A Chore Choice (Sign Up and Show Up) is a job that you pick from a list on the Chore Choices page. You can read the descriptions, pick the job you want to do, sign up for it, then show up at the appropriate time and place to do the job.  Once you sign up, you have the job. You don't need to be contacted by anyone from prom for confirmation.

An Invitation-Only Assignment is a job that generally requires additional money, time, or skills, and someone from prom will contact you to talk to you about it. For instance, chaperones must attend a meeting before prom night, supply their own costume, and work more than 8 hours on prom night. We want to make sure anyone selected for a Special Invitation-Only Assignment understands what will be required. You can indicate interest in an Invitation-Only Assignment when you register, but that does not mean you have that job. We will contact people who have said they are interested until all the positions are filled, which means you may not get called.  If that is the case for you, having a Chore Choice selected will ensure that you cover the required hours. 

We also ask a few questions in our Job Interest Survey about things you liked to do or your availability for different tasks that need to be done.  We might use the answers to those questions to help fill specialt tasks like these:

  • finding someone who can sew, is willing to work from home, and lives close to the person who has the materials and supplies for the project  
  • floral designer for a last minute, day-of-prom project 
  • a person who can organize "stuff" 

Read Parent Participation for more information.

What jobs are available?

Jobs for parents vary from early season tasks, like helping with invitations or doing projects at a workday or helping check-in students at dance lessons to prom week and prom weekend tasks including truck loading or unloading, helping with decorating or set building, serving in a prom night task, or the most helpful of all - serving on the teardown team!

Job descriptions for the Chore Choices can be found by clicking on the Job Name on the Chore Choice page.  Invitation-Only Assignment descriptions are available on the Invitation-Only Assigment page.

Read Parent Participation for more information.

I'm an experienced chaperone/photographer/security team member and I want that job again.

We need experienced people on each team.  While it will not guarantee you get an Invitation-Only Assignment, please tell us about your experience in the notes section of your registration.  We read all the notes before we start making assignments.

Read Parent Participation for more information. 

My student is inviting a guest, and we want to satisfy the parent participation requirement for them. How can we do that?

If your student's guest is an alumni or not a homeschooler, there is no parent participation requirement.

If your student's guest is a homeschooler, then they will need to satisfy the parent participation requirement, and yes, you can do it for them.  The best way is to have them sign into their own account and select the Chore you want to do for them.  In the notes section, they should indicate your name as the person who will be showing up to work.  Emails go to the family being represented for a task, so it helps us to know if there is a special situation - include that info in the notes for the job assignment.

Read Parent Participation for more information.