Frequent Questions

Is dinner included?

Yes. And it’s epic.

Where can I rent a tux?

We usually are able to partner with a tuxedo rental company that will supply discounts and coupons to our students. Look for those deals after ticket sales open. We will post them on Facebook and announce them in our Newsletter. Remember also that a tux is not your only acceptable choice. The Men's Dress Code has the details.

Do I have to have a date?

No. In fact, seasoned prom-goers may tell you it’s much more fun without one. Of course, it’s also perfectly okay to come with a date. Texas Christian Homeschool Prom is all about having an amazing experience with old friends, meeting new friends, and having fun - with or without a date.

What about corsages & boutonnieres?

Optional. If you’d like one and don’t have a date, drop a hint to your parents.

May I ask my friend who is not homeschooled to come with me?

Yes. You can find the eligibility requirements for prom students, alumni, and guests here.