Frequent Questions

What type of dress should I avoid?

Avoid short dresses with ruching on the sides. Such dresses may be within dress code when you are standing straight up and have adjusted them to a "standing still length," but walking and dancing and sitting and standing all cause them to hike up. If you decide to wear this style, be prepared to be repeatedly stopped by chaperones who are doing their job by enforcing the dress code. Also, 2 piece dresses that show the midriff when arms are raised is unacceptable and difficult to remedy. 

And perhaps most important, these dresses don't take "fixes" very well. If fabric must be added to the bottom of the dress, you will likely be disappointed with the way it looks. Some dress styles look fine with a piece of added fabric here or there, but not these dresses. 

For all the information, read the Ladies' Dress Code.

Isn't it hard to dance in formalwear?

Ladies, we encourage you to pick a beautiful dress that is dance-friendly. Select a dress that will stay in place as you move to the music. A dress that was well within the dress code may no longer be acceptable after a couple hours on the dance floor. If you are wearing a strapless gown, you may want to add clear straps to help your beautiful dress stay in place. Be advised that dress checking goes on all night.

Gentlemen, make sure you can move in that tux. If you're planning fancy dance moves, make sure your trousers are able to accommodate!

You may remove your shoes to dance, although we highly recommend ladies bring fast flats rather than going barefoot.

For more information, read the Ladies' Dress Code and Men's Dress Code.

Can boys wear western dress boots?

If they truly are dress boots and look like they are intended to be for formal occasions, then the answer is an emphatic yes. But young men considering this or any footwear decision should keep in mind that if the footwear is inappropriate for a formal event, they will not be allowed to enter the prom.

 For more information, read the Men's Dress Code.

My dress is right at the edge of acceptable. Any advice?

We strongly encourage you to make sure your ensemble is well within dress code.  If it is not, you may find you are asked several times throughout the evening to come back to have your dress checked.  The chaperones are doing exactly what they should be doing by making that request. 

Also, do not bring your own fabric to add to a dress that you know is questionable.  We will use only the fabric provided by prom.

 For more information, read the Ladies' Dress Code.

What if I have a wardrobe malfunction during the dance?

Our fabulous seamstresses are ready to help you with any wardrobe malfunction and get you back on the dance floor quickly and efficiently. 

 For more information, read the Ladies' Dress Code and Men's Dress Code.

Why don't you tell people who are pulled out of line for dress check what the problem is?

We do not "announce" to young ladies or gentlemen that they are being asked to step out of the registration line because of a dress code violation until they are in the dress check area. The reason we do not is to minimize any embarrassment in front of their friends. We talk to them about what the problem is once they are in a private situation, not a public one.

A lot of girls were pulled from the line and there was no problem with their dress, but they got a wristband anyway.

When a girl is asked to step out of line for dress check, we always make sure that there is really a violation. Sometimes, we determine there really isn't a problem, but the dress checkers knew it was close. So close, in fact, that there is a good chance another adult will stop this person again during the evening. The additional wristband is for the students' protection - adults who see it know that the person's attire has been evaluated and they should not be stopped again for a dress code violation.

The alternative is to expose the student to multiple requests from adults to go to dress check which may happen all night.  

If you do not want to have an additional wristband, choose a dress that is unquestionably in dress code.